Walnut Cross with rose carved in Pnik Ivory, a rare and beautiful wood. 

13" high x  10" wide.

Clinton IA

Whale Bottle Stopper, carved in cherry and painted.



Life size, carved in purple heart wood.


This is an Atlas (part of the spine) carved in Canarywood mounted on Padauk for my Chiropractor.

Maple Seeds carved in Maple

                each one about 4" long

                        United Kingdom


Feather is carved in Canary Wood and about 11 inches long

and finely detailed. 

United Kingdom

This piece was done for some wonderful friends. Their daughter had ordered a walnut rose for her mothers birthday. I was talking with them about how I had always wanted to carve a bouquet of roses in different woods.  They ordered it immediately. 



Full size rose carved in Purpleheart with matchng vase about 15 inches tall.


Red Knot Bird- life size- 9" long. Carved from bass wood. Stockton, IL.

Life size 16" Walleye carved from Basswood mounted on a Walnut base.

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