Title: "Baby Girl"

Life size fawn 18 1/2 inches tall carved in cherry, hair is detailed in and then painted.

Price: $1200.00 (2016)

Title: "Cute Little Fella"

Life size squirrel carved in cherry, hair is detailed in and then painted. 

Price: 1000.00 (2016) SOLD

Title: "First Day Out"

28"W X 14" H X 16"D

Bears are carved in cherry, habitat is all hand carved or sculpted.

Price: $1200.00 (2016)

Horse carved in walnut

Approximately 12" high


Carved in cherry with mahogany stain and polyurathane finish. Inlayed turquoise.


Title: Makng New Friends

This carving has approximately 150 hours of work. It is 18" X 16". The fawn and chipmunks are  carved in mahogany and painted.  

The fawn is approximately 10" tall. Leaves are carved in cherry, padauk, canarywood and yellowheart.

Price: $800.00  SOLD

Carved in cherry with oil finish


Title: Ma - Why Is The Sky Blue

This carving is approximately 16" wide, 9" high, 12" deep

Doe with fawn carved in Cherry

Base of Cedar - Formal base Maple with Mahogany stain.

Price: $400..00 SOLD

Horse carved in granadillo

Approximately 9" long

Price: $150.00

Cougar carved in walnut

Approximately 10" long

Price: $150.00

Title: Please Ma, Just Once

This carvng has approximately 250 hours of work. It is 25" tall and 18" wide. The bluff consists of 5 different woods including cherry, walnut, cedar, canarywood and mahogany. The bears are carved in cherry and painted. The tree is carved in basswood with small branches in wire with a special wood resin I have developed. The rocks are carved mostly in cedar. Base is mahogany and formal base is white ash with mahogany stain.

Price: $1100.00  SOLD

Title: Spirit Dragonfly

This carving is done in purpleheart wood with matching wood base, mounted on a crystal.

Commission Price: $80.00

Eagle head carved in walnut on cherry base.


This piece is not available


Spirit World Dragonfly

Memorial Dragonfly with name plate and 2x3 photo frame

Commissions Only: $100.00

This piece is not available.

Golden Eagle in Walnut with Turquorise inlay

Price: $150.00

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