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I was born in Florida but raised in the rural bush country of British Columbia.  Life wasn't easy.  We mostly hunted for our food and only went for groceries like flour and sugar about once a year.  My mom & I worked long hours cooking at a local cattle ranch for over 50 cowboys.  Cowboys are really big eaters!  Some of my favorite early memories are those of the wildlife.  I was fascinated with all of the animals.  Growing up, I learned many things, but living that life in the bush really taught me to appreciate what you have.  The wildlife that surrounded me made such a lasting impact on my life that I hold it close to my heart even today.  You can see these influences captured in my woodcarvings and sculptures.  


I have lived in many places.  I went to Clark College in Dubuque, Iowa where I studied advertising layout and design.  I opened "The Art Shop" that sold artists consignment pieces. I taught oil painting courses at Northeast Iowa Technical Institute.  Moving to California, I attended Long Beach City College and studied visual arts and sculpture.  Then I met Kent Quesnel a "Master Wood Carver" in 1989 and we became business partners in "Moments in Time Wood Carvings".  Over the last 24 years I have worked full time in the senior living industry and have accepted commissioned pieces when time availed.


I have always said "When I grow up, I want to be a wood carver".  Finally in my senior years, I opened "Marie's Woodcarving" in Stockton, IL.  Maybe I have finally started to grow up...

Full Eagle Upper Wing.JPG
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